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We have totally more than 10 selecting and packing houses which distributing in many regions all over Thailand. All these places were certified in accordance with the best practice rule of GMP for packing house. With this practice, we ensure that we could efficiently prepare our products to meet the demand of the markets in several countries. Besides we also have staff specializing in fruit quality standard to inspect all products before delivering. With our long experience in this field of work and our ?delivery fresh to your home? slogan, you could be sure in our product under "FruitMaster" brand.

Best Fruits That We Serve To Your Home

Our products are the Best Fruits

There are up to 8 fruits that we serve to your home.
1. "Baby Banana"(Kluai-Khai)
2. "Durian"(Too-Rain)
3. "Longan"(Lam-Yai)
4. "Lychee"(Lin-Chi)
5. "Mangosteen"(Mung-Koot)
6. "Pomelo"(Som-O)
7. "Sweet Tamarind"(Ma-Kham-Waan)
8. "Young Coconut"(Ma-Phrao-On)
9. "Mango" (Ma-Muang)

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