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  • Wait! There will be more cool projects released soon!

    Keep in touch at Cenixoft We are crafting more interesting and more cool software stuff in order to serve your happiness. If you have something nice, just share what your idea with us now!

Creative Excellence Nice Innovative Software Crafting @ CNX, Thailand

Bring up your smile :) by Solvable software

We are looking forward to see every of your smile while using software for you business. We aim to make it clear how your happiness comes up through using our software from your hand.

Just make you wide smile while using our software !

:D - smilee
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Development Process Applied !

Are you afraid of getting software lately or delay ? It's normally happen to every software company where there's no applying software development process. We apply the software methodology as called as 'Scrum Framework', we allow you to be apart of our development team. Every our customers shall see their products early and fix it early.

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Worldwide Software Supports

Distance across countries problem? Hell NO ! The internet world shorten those distances into a minute far. We can collaborate each other through a bunch of collaboration tool online. Nice and Easy ! isn't it?

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    May 27, 2013

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    April 22, 2013

    Cenixoft's Grand Open

    New Official Site of Cenixoft is available now! Thanks for your visitings.